What to do with low sales or how quickly become recognizable in the international metallurgical market through Internet marketing.


Do a company that sells scrap metal need to use online marketing?

A few years ago my answer was No. But I need to say that something in my business went wrong. Sales fell, margins decreased.
Now I can surely say that any company needs Internet marketing.
We have passed through many different tools, we paid companies for setting up advertising campaign, we paid to Google. We spent a lot of time and money in vain for some of these options, but passing that way helped us to found out really working tools. Customers themselves began to look for us. We became recognizable.
I must say that we are engaged in selling of such a complex product as metallurgical slag. This is a cheaper substitute for scrap and pig iron and there are no need to say additionally that this product is not so popular.

So if you:
• work in the field of metallurgy
• are going to introduce a new product
• have plans to develop sales through new markets
• are losing sales and you do not know what to do.

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Is it possible to improve the quality of castings and reduce the cost price?


SmartScrap team pays great attention to methods of increasing the efficiency of our customers’ production through the use of alternative materials produced from industrial waste.
We came to the conclusion that raw materials produced from waste materials are not only inferior to those produced by traditional methods, but even have several additional benefits. For example, let’s consider the production of cast-iron railway brake pads.

      Russian candidate of Technical Sciences Mr Marshev V.I. in his dissertation work “High-phosphorus cast iron for brake shoe of high-speed locomotives” has considered in depth the fact that phosphorous cast iron has better adaptability, compatibility and stability of friction coefficient than conventional gray cast iron, which is widely used at present.
Let’s get back to the theory. Due to the presence of a phosphide eutectic in the structure, the amount of which increases as the content of phosphorus increases in cast iron, the frictional heat resistance of tribocoupling increases. In this case, the phosphide eutectic has a positive effect during friction, by reducing the intensity of destruction by reducing the number of large setting points, and at the same time by increasing the coefficient of friction.
Full-scale bench and operational tests revealed that the use of brake pads made of high-phosphoric cast iron increases their validity period in 2.5-3.0 times.
Let’s turn up to the economic value. For today the price of cast iron including delivery to the European consumer is $ 350. The price of ferrophosphorus with phosphorus content of 20% is about $500-900.
In total, the cost of pig iron and ferrophosphorus for the production of 1 ton of castings with 3% phosphorus content will be $350 + $75 = $425.
We offer cast iron scrap with phosphorus content of 3-4% (Fe 90%+), formed at the foundry, at a price of approximately $200-220 (the final price depends on the delivery to the consumer plant.)
As you can see from this example, there are some options for improving efficiency through the use of alternative materials. And what is also important, this solution helps to make the planet cleaner! After all, for today the pig iron industry appears to be one of the most polluting industries in the world.

Scrap evaluation methods


Evaluation of this material is the cornerstone in relationship between supplier and customer. A lot of transactions related to this material are cancelled because parties fail to find a solution for quality evaluation.

Today, in the time of hardships for metallurgical markets, nonconventional solutions could provide certain competitive advantages.

  1. Balance melting

This method is considered to be the most unbiased one.

4 typical mistakes you make while choosing the scrap supplier


We are facing nowadays the fact that many metallurgical plants while using high ferrous slags already had some poor experience with it.

In times of high-quality HMS deficit, the use of metal scrap can give an indisputable advantage to a metallurgical plant among competitors.

Let’s look at some typical mistakes metallurgical plant may encounter while buying scrap

  1. The real FE content does not match the claimed composition

Classification of slags according to the purity of chemical composition:


Classification of slags according to the purity of chemical composition:

  1. Blast furnace slag (BF slag). Due to the use of original natural resource, namely iron ore, the content of non-ferrous impurities in slags is minimal. An exception is the scrap formed after the desulfurization process (DS slag), with high content of P and S in it.
  2. Blast oxygen furnace slag (BOF slag). The reason is to be sought in large amount of liquid iron used, the chemical composition of which is homogeneous.
  3. Electric-Arc furnace slag (EAF slag). The usage of scrap metal (HMS) with a heterogeneous chemical content can aggravate the special steels production process at steel mills.

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