Classification of slags according to the purity of chemical composition:

Published on: 10.04.2017

Classification of slags according to the purity of chemical composition:

  1. Blast furnace slag (BF slag). Due to the use of original natural resource, namely iron ore, the content of non-ferrous impurities in slags is minimal. An exception is the scrap formed after the desulfurization process (DS slag), with high content of P and S in it.
  2. Blast oxygen furnace slag (BOF slag). The reason is to be sought in large amount of liquid iron used, the chemical composition of which is homogeneous.
  3. Electric-Arc furnace slag (EAF slag). The usage of scrap metal (HMS) with a heterogeneous chemical content can aggravate the special steels production process at steel mills.
  4. Cast iron slag. This type of furnaces is most widely used at machine-building enterprises, where cast iron products are manufactured for machine parts production. They often contain a large number of S, P, Cu, Ni, Cr, Mo and some other chemical elements.
  5. Desulfurization slag. By means of this process, the content of S and P in the cast iron is reduced in ladle furnace. Accordingly, a large proportion of these elements remain in slags.


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