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Pig iron scrap

CIF Turkey (Marmara)
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Available quantity: 2000-3000 ton per month.
Delivery by containers in 15 days after the date of order

The pilot batch can be delivered

Description of Pig iron scrap

It is the bars of irregular shape, formed after the drain of over-melted cast iron in blast furnace. Chemical composition is homogeneous, identical to grade pig iron.

It is perfect material to replace grade pig iron.

Technical specifications

Accessible volume 2000-3000 tons per month.
Piece weight is up to 700 kg. Size and weight depends on each supplier. The additional agreement is required while ordering.

Chemical properties

Fe >93
C 4-4.6
Si 0,2-1
S 0,04-0,1
P 0,03-0,04
Mn 0,2-0,3

Potential applications:

Automobile engines of any configuration.

Sanitary equipment: radiators, pipes, fittings, sinks, kitchen sink.


Optimal substitution of iron scrap.

Our advantages

You earn up to 200 000 $ by month with a guarantee. Our product is cheaper by 30 % than traditional scrap metal.

We deliver scrap in accordance with agreed terms or we will return money.
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We offer only inspected sources of material.





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