4 typical mistakes you make while choosing the scrap supplier

Published on: 10.04.2017

We are facing nowadays the fact that many metallurgical plants while using high ferrous slags already had some poor experience with it.

In times of high-quality HMS deficit, the use of metal scrap can give an indisputable advantage to a metallurgical plant among competitors.

Let’s look at some typical mistakes metallurgical plant may encounter while buying scrap

  1. The real FE content does not match the claimed composition

Very often traders working with traditional HMS, where the lack of quality control is not a strong requirement, want to make profits on slag. Traders provide the result of chemical analysis, obtained by X-ray analyzer. This method allows to evaluate FE content on the sample surface and the result depends on how well the sample is protected. That, of course, does not reflect to the real content in the batch.

  1. Permissible volume of non-ferrous impurities exceeds in the final product after using scrap

Large amount of slag comes from cast iron industry, where alloying additives are used actively. In this case scrap will contain alloying elements.


  1. The choice of supplier

As it has already been said, traditional HMS traders are not used to serious quality control. Offering scrap, they hardly ever know anything about it.


  1. Saving on price

Of course, scrap (slag) should be cheaper than HMS. In its turn, it often happens that plants want to save on it and give a knowingly low price. In this situation, unscrupulous suppliers sell poor-quality material.


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