Scrap Quality Assessment

Before offering our material to a customer, first we are going to the production, we are taking samples on the territory of the slag heap. These samples are going to the laboratory, where they are processing first and then the analysis is performing.

We offer guaranteed chemical analysis from those sources in which the analysis results were homogeneous.

Quality inspection

Whether we ship one car or a vessel every batch is monitored by our quality controllers who have undergone special training

Visual method

Quality control inspectors check every shipment of goods. The inspectors completed the training course at SmartScrap’s Quality Surveillance School

Mobile analysers

The X-ray fluorescence analyzers, test the presence of chemical elements’ impurities in scrap. Before analyzing the surface of a sample is grinded by an angle grinder and a brush. Unless it is done, the analyzer reading can be incorrect

Water displacement test

The test method is based on the volume ratio of the displaced water and the weight of the goods, loaded into a water tank. The instruction can be downloaded here.

Inspection service

We enlist surveillance services in the trading of the marine shipments of goods. Sample copy of the surveillance report can be downloaded here

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We know almost everything about metallurgical wastes.

We personally inspect quality of salvage we sell all over the world and we cooperate with the most experienced metallurgists at steel mills that use our scrap.

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