What to do with low sales or how quickly become recognizable in the international metallurgical market through Internet marketing.

Published on: 12.07.2017

Do a company that sells scrap metal need to use online marketing?

A few years ago my answer was No. But I need to say that something in my business went wrong. Sales fell, margins decreased.
Now I can surely say that any company needs Internet marketing.
We have passed through many different tools, we paid companies for setting up advertising campaign, we paid to Google. We spent a lot of time and money in vain for some of these options, but passing that way helped us to found out really working tools. Customers themselves began to look for us. We became recognizable.
I must say that we are engaged in selling of such a complex product as metallurgical slag. This is a cheaper substitute for scrap and pig iron and there are no need to say additionally that this product is not so popular.

So if you:
• work in the field of metallurgy
• are going to introduce a new product
• have plans to develop sales through new markets
• are losing sales and you do not know what to do.

Contact us and we will help you to get the result within a month.

If we do not reach the set result, we will refund your money!

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